How to Preload Destiny 2 on PS4

Learn how you can preload Destiny 2 on the PS4 system.


The Destiny 2 beta is over. Whether you’re on console or PC, the time for introductions has ended and we’re moving on to the final PS4 and Xbox One Release on September 6. However, preparations can still be made. Games are big these days, and Destiny 2 is no exception at over 32GB on the PS4. That’s why you would be wise to learn how to preload Destiny 2 on the PS4 before launch day.

How to Preload Destiny 2 on PS4

The first step to preloading Destiny 2 on the PS4 is to buy the game. This can be done by visiting the PlayStation Store through your PS4, online, or even in the PlayStation app. Decide what edition of Destiny 2 to buy, and then make the purchase. Assuming you want to, of course.

As soon as you make your purchase of Destiny 2 on the PS4, you can then download the dynamic theme that you get for your buy, and you can begin the preloading process. In fact, you should see the option to download Destiny 2 right from the purchase confirmation page.

You would also be wise to head to your Notifications and see if Destiny 2 is in the preload process there. It should start downloading automatically. The file size on PS4 is 32GB, so you should get a head start on that. You don’t want to be suffering through terrible PS4 download speeds when you really want to be shooting Ghaul in the face.

Destiny 2 will launch at 9 p.m. PDT on September 5, which is 12 a.m. EDT on September 6. You can stay up to date with everything Destiny 2 related by making frequent visits to Shacknews. We’ll be covering the game in-depth long after the you pre-load Destiny 2 on the PS4.


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