How to Use Amiibo in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Put some of the Amiibo in your collection to work in Mario + Rabbids.


Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle for Nintendo Switch features cameos from some of Nintendo's most popular mascots, as well as characters you can bring into battle by way of the company's Amiibo figures. Mario + Rabbids supports several kinds of Amiibo, all themed after characters you can find and control in the game. This guide explains which figures you can use, how to activate them, and how they work.

How to Enable Amiibo Figures in Mario + Rabbids

Because Amiibo-based characters are powerful allies, Nintendo doesn't want you to call them forth right away. You'll have to finish Ancient Gardens, the game's first world, before Amiibo become eligible for use. Once Ancient Gardens is complete, return to Peach's castle. You should see a new structure, the Amiibo building. Go to this area and you'll get the option to activate Amiibo figures.

Eligible Amiibo Figures

The Amiibo characters you can play as in Mario + Rabbids is limited to four, all from the Super Mario series of games. (It wouldn't make sense to let you play as Squid Girl or Link, of course.) Those characters are Princess Peach, Luigi, Mario, and Yoshi—the four characters you'll meet and add to your squad over the course of the game's campaign.

Activating Peach, Mario, Yoshi, and Luigi Amiibos grants you several items: two weapons, one for the character the Amiibo represents, and one for its Rabbid counterpart. Scanning a Peach Amiibo, for instance, earns you one weapon for Peach and another weapon for Peach Rabbid.

Refer to the breakdown below to decide which Amiibo best suit your play style.

  • Mario Amiibo. Scan this Amiibo to receive the Flame Job Weapon for Mario and the Bone Shaker for your Rabbid Mario ally.
  • Luigi Amiibo. This figure adds Luigi's Phosphorous item and Rabbid Luigi's Burning Question to your inventory.
  • Yoshi Amiibo. To get your hands on Yoshi's Mega Bite and Rabbid Yoshi's Torpedo, tap a Yoshi Amiibo against your right Joy-Con.
  • Peach Amiibo. In exchange for activating this figure, you'll be the proud recipient of Peach's Block Blaster and Rabbid Peach's Barrel Blaster.

In need of tips, strategies, and video walkthroughs? Refer to our Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle guide.

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