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Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Guide: Tips, Walkthroughs, and Collectibles

Don't wait your turn to consult our guide and unlock characters and more in Mario + Rabbids.


Mario, Peach, and their cast of colorful friends join forces with the bizarre and lovable Rabbids in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, a turn-based strategy game for Nintendo Switch. Over a series of turns, you'll control a party of four characters, battling enemies and completing objectives to progress further in the game and unlock abilities for your squad. Our guide will help you unlock characters, beat bosses, and level-up in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.

Tips for Mario + Rabbids

  • Look Before You Leap. Target an enemy to calculate your chances of landing a successful hit. If the odds seem too low, don't waste an attack. Move into a better position and then target the enemy again to run the numbers again.
  • Cool Off. As you level up your characters, you'll use Power Orbs to unlock skills in their unique skill trees. Most skills have cooldown periods, meaning you'll have to wait a certain number of turns before using them again. Take cooldowns into account during battle! Never put yourself in a situation where all of your characters have to wait to use their best moves.
  • New Turns. Every battle is winnable, and most battles can be won using any combination of characters and abilities. Don't lose heart if you end up losing the battle. You can always come back later to try the same strategy, or a new strategy, again later.
  • Seeing Double. Every world has two bosses: a mid-boss, and an end boss. You'll see most bosses lying in wait on the map. Get a look at them and configure your squad accordingly before initiating the fight.
  • Teamwork. Remember, your dash attacks and Team Jumps are effective no matter what lineup of characters you take into battle. Don't become so reliant on a character's unique abilities that you overlook these tried-and-true maneuvers.

Mario + Rabbids Guides

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Mario + Rabbids Walkthrough Videos

Awesome Intro

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World 1-5: Brother Where Art Thou?

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