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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - All Hoysala Token Locations

Find all 11 Hoysala Tokens in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and unlock the Queen’s Ruby.


During Chapter 4: The Western Ghats of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, players can go on a special collectible hunt. No, it’s not the Treasure that you find laying all over the game, but rather something called Hoysala Tokens. There are 11 Hoysala Tokens total, all of which are found in Chapter 4. Find each one and you’ll unlock two trophies, Token for Granted and Yas Queen. You’ll also unlock the Queen’s Ruby, an item that makes finding the rest of the game’s Treasure easier.

All 11 Hoysala Token Locations

Hoysala Tokens will often require you to solve a puzzle, run a gauntlet, or blow up an obstacle that is in your way. While some of them are easy to get, others are much more involved. After you grab your first Hoysala Token, it’s advised that you head to a small alcove on the northeast side of the map. The alcove will be full of monkey’s, and inside is a map you can interact with. This will update your personal map to show the locations of the remaining Hoysala Tokens in The Western Ghats.

Hoysala Token #1

When you spawn in and drop down in your vehicle, turn left and follow the river. Soon you will see a small alcove above you on the left, and a Lockbox in plain sight. You must climb up and use your grappling hook to swing to the far back of the alcove. Blow up the loose wall and you can claim the Hoysala Token.

Hoysala Token #2

To the right of where you enter the level, in the south, will be some small ruins with a mounted gun. After you kill all the enemies and move to the gun, fight off another wave, then blow up the weak wall to the left of the Lockbox. You can find the Hoysala Token behind the now destroyed wall.

Hoysala Token #3

Find a Hoysala Token on the east side of the map, just north of the area with all the waterfalls. Look for a slope with small pillars on it. You’ll need to grapple, jump and slide across the slope to the opposite side, where you’ll find a tunnel. Follow it and you’ll find the next Hoysala Token.

Hoysala Token #4

Players can locate a Hoysala Token directly south of the monkey area, just on the north side of the river. You will have to clear out some enemies, then climb on top of a structure. Use your grappling claw on the stone cover on the ground, then swing to open it. You’ll find the Hoysala Token when you enter the sewer.

Hoysala Token #5

A Hoysala Token is located on the very east of the map, southeast of where the monkeys are. You will find an area with bells. Hop on a structure to see a barred door. Turn and shoot all the bells in the yard, then the bell beside the door. Each bell will lift one bar. Enter the door and grab the Hoysala Token.

Hoysala Token #6

There’s a Hoysala Token in the monkey area located in an alcove on the northeast side of the map. Interact with the map and a door to your left will open. Head inside and you can grab a Hoysala Token. Your map should now be marked with all remaining Hoysala Token locations.

Hoysala Token #7

A Hoysala Token can be found at the north end of the river, on the west side. Climb into a building and you will find a puzzle that appears to be a horse. Solve the puzzle and the door to your left will open, revealing the Hoysala Token.

Hoysala Token #8

Find a Hoysala Token in the middle of the map, just north of where the tall tower is, across the river. Clear out an area full of enemies, then look for a weak wall close to where two were patrolling. Blow up the wall and find the Hoysala Token inside.

Hoysala Token #9

Players can snag a Hoysala Token west of the tall tower in the middle of the map, at the edge of the water and in the fort with the bow statue. Clear out all the enemies, then open a Lockbox to find this Hoysala Token tucked away inside.

Hoysala Token #10

The second to last Hoysala Token is in the southwest corner of the map, in the middle of a large body of water. Look for an elephant statue. Directly in front is a tunnel under the surface of the water. Dive down and swim to get this Hoysala Token, then swim back up.

Hoysala Token #11

To the east of the tall tower in the middle of the map is the final Hoysala Token. Interact with the pillar to start a timed event. Swing from platform to platform, stepping on the fountains of water. When you’re done, swing back to the middle to finish the event. Be fast, or risk having to start over from the beginning.

That’s all 11 of the Hoysala Tokens in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Return to the alcove on the northeast part of the map with the monkeys. It’s here that you can interact with the map one more time, then claim the Queen’s Ruby. This will alert you whenever you are close to a Treasure from this point onward.

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