How to Unlock New Agents in Agents of Mayhem

If you want to cause more mayhem, you need more cash. Our guide tells you how to earn cash fast in Agents of Mayhem.


Agents of Mayhem, a spin-off game inspired by the Saints Row franchise, starts you off with three agents with which to wreak havoc across a far-future version of Seoul. Those three agents are capable, but you can expand your roster by unlocking more characters. Keep this guide handy to learn how to unlock new agents in Agents of Mayhem.

How to Unlock Agents: Complete Story Missions

While side quests are good for stocking up on cash and other items, following the main, story-driven line of quests in Agents of Mayhem will lead you to more agents you can unlock and use to supplement your roster. Unlocking your first agent, the fourth character total, is simple: Play through the first few missions and you'll eventually step into the role of Rama. After you complete the mission, you'll be able to select her whenever you please.

There are a total of 12 agents to unlock. Unlocking each one works similarly to how you earned Rama. Play through missions and, when you come to one that requires you to play a new character, complete it to add that character to your lineup. These missions come up at different points in the game; the best, and indeed only way to get to them is to keep playing.

Remember to check the Missions Menu on the Ark, which keeps track of missions that provide opportunities to unlock new agents.

How to Unlock Agents: Configure Your Squad

Unlocking agents is only the first step to building a super team in Agents of Mayhem. As your roster grows, you'll want to assemble a squad of characters for every conceivable situation. A squad consists of three characters. You can set and edit squads when you leave the Ark, where you'll also be able to choose what costumes you want each character to don.

At present, the 12 agents available in Agents of Mayhem are Yeti, Braddock, Scheherazade, Daisy, Red Card, Rama, Fortune, Hollywood, Hardtack, Oni, Joule, and Kingpin.

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