Agents of Mayhem: How to Earn Cash Fast

If you want to cause more mayhem, you need more cash. Our guide tells you how to earn cash fast in Agents of Mayhem.


Agents of Mayhem is a spin-off game derived from the long-running Saints Row series of action games. Like preceding entries, the game gives you numerous opportunities to wage destruction, provided you have the cash to fund your explosive experiments. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to earn cash in Agents of Mayhem. Our guide will educate you on some of the fastest and most reliable methods.

Earn Cash Fast by: Completing Side Missions

In Agents of Mayhem, no destructive deed goes on rewarded. Cruise around the game world and look for side missions that pay big bucks. You can see how much a side mission pays by reading over the mission's stats before accepting it. While all side missions pay, those stemming from the Relic Trading Company are some of the most lucrative: They reward you just for playing Agents of Mayhem, which, if you're rewarding this guide, you were probably planning to do anyway.

Earn Cash Fast by: Defeating Enemies

Agents of Mayhem's virtual Seoul overflows with Legion soldiers. But don't think of them as enemies. Think of them as ATMs. Each one you defeat coughs of cash and other loot. Simply walk over dropped items to add them to your inventory. Agents of Mayhem makes defeating foes fun, so never pass up an opportunity to break faces and make bank.

Earn Cash Fast by: Opening Relic's Stores

We've already mentioned that Relic's Trading Company line of side quests pays dividends, but this particular tip is worth mentioning. Relic is looking to reopened his stores and will share profits if you help him out. Doing so earns you roughly $180 per minute, making this the easiest way to earn cash fast in Agents of Mayhem. What's more, you can increase the amount of money you pull in by swinging by the Ark's requisitions area and buying an upgrade that boosts your cash-per-hour earnings.

Earn Cash Fast by: Opening Contracts

Go to the Missions menu and open a contract to receive a goal to meet. Each goal you check off nets you cash and goodies.

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