How to Unlock Hero Classes in Fortnite

Find out how to grow your roster of constructors, ninjas, soldiers, and outlanders in Fortnite.


Epic Games' action-builder Fortnite is at its best when you're building an awesome base and killing lots of husks. To do that, you need to unlock heroes. There are four classes of heroes, each catering to a different style of play. This guide will teach you how to unlock hero classes in Fortnite as well as provide an overview of each class so you can find a hero type that works for you.

How to Unlock Hero Classes in Fortnite

So far, the only surefire way to unlock hero classes in Fortnite is by opening Llama packs in the Loot section of the game's menu. Llama packs are relatively easy to come by even if you're a casual player without much time to play: Simply complete quests. Daily Quests are special objectives Epic Games only offers for a limited time. Completing a Daily Ques nets you Vbucks redeemable toward Llama packs.

If you haven't purchased Fortnite's Limited Edition, Deluxe Edition, or Super Deluxe Edition, consider springing for one of those. Each game comes with additional heroes and consumable items that will help you expand your roster quickly. If you don't want to spend more money, take advantage of the Soldier class, included with every version of Fortnite, to learn the game's fundamentals.

Don't make the mistake of turning your nose up at the Soldier just because he's a freebie. The Soldier is arguably Fortnite's most versatile class, boasting enough offense and defense to survive all mission types. Use him to complete quests and stock up on Llama packs.

What to Know About Hero Classes in Fortnite

The advantage of not having access to many heroes all at once is that you can take time to grow adept at playing each one available to you. Upgrading heroes requires skill points to invest in each hero's skill tree. That requires a lot of time, so you're better off focusing on one or two classes until you feel ready to try another.

There are four classes, and each class offers several heroes. Below, you'll find an overview of all four classes. Find one that suits your style of play and concentrate on unlocking its heroes first.


Want to deal damage quickly? Play the Soldier. Explosives such as grenades and mines give you ways of taking out lots of husks at once, while your defense will enable you to push deep into territory that weaker classes should steer clear of. The downside to Soldiers is they don't receive any bonuses for building.


If killing enemies is less attractive to you than roaming Fortnite's environments, look no further than the Outlander. This class should appeal to players who like to explore. Additionally, Outlanders receive bonuses that facilitate finding more loot during quests. Beware of venturing too far, though. Outlanders have low defense, making them easy prey, especially in the hands of players who don't pay close enough attention to their surroundings.


The Soldier's opposite in some ways, Constructors are for players who want to stay home and fortify their bases, which works toward the larger goal of protecting their Storm Shields. They also boast a deep pool of life so they can absorb damage if and when enemies breach the walls of the base. All that building and defense comes at the cost of offense: Constructors are builders, not fighters.


Fast, stealthy, lethal. If those adjectives describe you—or, rather, your ideal videogame avatar—then sharpen your blade and assume the guise of Fortnite's ninja hero class. Arm yourself with melee weapons, especially swords, to dish out higher-than-average amounts of damage and bounce around with your double-jump ability to get out of danger. If you don't, you'll fall victim to the Ninja class's low defense.

Now that you know more about unlocking hero classes in Fortnite, check out our other guides for information on the best class in the game and learning how to increase your power level

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