What is the Best Hero Class in Fortnite?

How to choose the best hero class in Fortnite.


Any class-based game is more fun when you find a character whose abilities, movement, and stats click with your play style. Epic Games' Fortnite is no different. That's why there really is no "best" hero in the game. One player might gravitate toward one class's offerings, while you might find success with another.

This guide will introduce you to each hero class in Fortnite, giving you a primer on their skills and strengths.

Classes in Fortnite

Fortnite's heroes are grouped into the Outlander, Constructor, Soldier, and Ninja classes. Each of those categories offers several heroes. Each hero boasts unique abilities and perks, which you access by earning skill points and unlocking branches of their individual skill trees. This means you'll have to get choosey: You probably can't afford to spend time fully upgrading each class, so it's best to focus your time and energy on no more than two.

Best Class in Fortnite

As a reminder, the "best" class in Fortnite is subjective. Try to find a class and hero that match the way you like to play the game. The Soldier is your jack-of-all-trades. He's well-rounded, sporting good offensive and defensive capabilities that should appeal to players looking to mow down as many husks as possible.

If you play Fortnite—and games in general—out of a desire to explore and discover, try the Outlander class. Outlanders pack the lowest defense and offense of any type of hero, but make up for those deficits by wielding abilities that allow them to uncover more treasure during missions than their peers. While your allies defend the base or go out in search of husks, you should be scavenging for goods.

Ninjas have relatively low defense balanced by their aptitude with swords and similar weapons. They're fast, too, making them ideal for situations when you need to sneak around and inflict massive damage without stirring up more enemies than you can handle.

While other classes seek and/or destroy, Constructors occupy themselves by building. For proof, look no further than their low offense. Fortunately, they more than make up for it by boasting a deep well of hit points as well as discounts on building costs and faster building speeds.

Exceling at Fortnite involves much more than choosing the right hero. Check out our guides to learn how to increase your power level, as well as a beginner's guide to getting started in the game.

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