How to Increase Your Power Level in Fortnite

Learn how to increase your power level in our guide to Fortnite.


Your power level in Fortnite, Epic Games' new survival-combat game, represents the level of your account. Raising your power level must be done a certain way, and symbolizes your status in the game. Our guide will help you understand what Fortnite's power level entails and how to increase it.

Understanding Power Level

Much like character levels in RPGs, Fortnite's power level represents the status of your account. The higher your power level, the better and more varied types of missions you can embark on. Power level in Fortnite also determines your relative strength in the game as well as the experience you'll receive during and after a mission.

Four stats determine your power level. Those stats carry the abbreviation F.O.R.T.: fortitude, offense, resistance, tech. To raise your power level in Fortnite, you must increase each of those stats. As your power level rises, you'll be privy to more gameplay options that you and your party can take advantage of.

Increasing Power Level

Your F.O.R.T. stats can be increased through your skill tree. As you level up and browse your skill tree to decide on skills to learn or strengthen, favor those that increase your fortitude, offense, resistance, and tech. Boosting those attributes comes with other perks besides raising your power level. You'll gradually unlock branches of the skill tree that enable you to learn skills exclusive to your class. While raising your power level gives you more options, developing class-specific skills makes you more useful to your teammates during missions—which in turn raises your odds of bringing in more XP and investing skill points in your skill tree.

An easy way to do this is to spend skill points on slots for your squads. Leveling up squad members also elevates your power level. You can upgrade your squad mates by gathering experience for them.

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