How to Catch a Nackle Fish in Yonder

Learn how to catch the elusive Nackle fish in Yonder.


Yonder is as relaxed as games get these days. Everything you do is slow-paced, but everything serves a purpose. In the case of fishing, players can use fish as currency while trading, and might be required to catch fish as part of a quest, or to pay a farm hand who wants food. Today, we’ll tell you how you can start fishing in Yonder, and where to snag the elusive Nackle fish.

How to Catch Nackle Fish in Yonder

Before you can start fishing, you’ll need a Fishing Pole. This is obtained by traveling to Goldlake, which is northwest from Fairmont, the first village you encounter. Once there, talk to an NPC named Theodore. He will give you the Fishing Pole, but also a quest called “A Knack for Nackle Fish.” This quest is the perfect opportunity to practice and learn how to catch fish in Yonder.

Head to the East Docks, which is a location you should be familiar with by now. It’s just to the southeast of Fairmont. This is where you can snag the Nackle Fish for the quest, but also where you can learn the mechanics of fishing in general.

Approach the water and follow the on-screen instructions to cast your line. This will be left-click if you’re on PC and using a mouse and keyboard. You can move the bobber around in the water, dangling it in front of fish that you want to catch. On the flipside, you can move the bobber away from fish that you know you don’t want to catch.

When a fish bites and takes the line, you’ll be given two indicators in the form of a red and green arrows. You want to position your Fishing Pole so that the arrow is green. If the arrow is red, you may break the line. On PC, you can position the Fishing Pole by moving the mouse around, and when the arrow is green, follow the on-screen prompts to reel the fish in. This would be the “A” key on PC.

We caught our Nackle fish at night, but they seem to be somewhat rare. It will help you to move your bobber away from smaller fish, focusing instead on medium sized and larger fish. At least this way you can be sure that the fish you’re catching are worth a bit at a trader.

Grab one Nackle fish and take it back to Theodore to complete “A Knack for Nackle Fish,” and then you can go fishing whenever and wherever you please in Yonder.

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