Splatoon 2: How to Beat the Octo Samurai

Octo Samurai, the second boss in Splatoon 2, is as old school as they come. Send him packing by following a few helpful strategies.


Gather the six Zapfish and you’ll unlock the Boss Kettle where the Splatoon 2 campaign’s second battle arena awaits. Your foe, the Octo Samurai, carries a huge ink roller he waves around like a sword. As per Sheldon’s Request, you also need to utilize a roller. In other words, there’s going to be a lot of ink splashed around the arena.

Your first concern as the battle begins is mere survival. Until you’re familiar with the Octo Samurai’s attack patterns (and even after that), it’s a good idea to strafe at a moderate distance. As you do so, splash down ink with your roller and dip into your trail when you need to refill your supply. It doesn’t hurt if you’ve also purchased the upgrade so you can carry more ink with you. By marking up the ground, you make it easier to move quickly to the sides if the battle makes the necessary. You can also circle more quickly and perhaps even get in a few attacks from behind, if you’re feeling brave.

After you fight the Octo Samurai for a while, it will speed toward you on a bike. Dodge that rush, then dash in and counter with your ink. You can probably get in a few quick attacks, but be sure to back away as the bike transforms back into an oversized sword. You can repeat this pattern as needed, until finally you splash enough paint on your foe that it a large tentacle appears. Hit that appendage with everything you’ve got, until you deal some severe damage.

Now the Octo Stomp will attack more ferociously. He has gained a downward strike attack that you need to avoid, in addition to his prior techniques. You want to make sure there’s plenty of ink you can use to swiftly move to the sides. Then you can counter, but watch out for another new attack: a whirling swing. Fortunately, there’s a sound cue you can use to steer clear of that technique. Listen for a high-pitched shriek, then back quickly away to avoid taking damage.

Once you are familiar enough with those attacks and deal enough damage, a tentacle emerges again. After you harm that tentacle enough, it recedes and the battle’s third phase begins. This final phase is much like the previous ones, except the downward thrust can produce a long line of ink that you must also avoid. The boss likes to repeat that attack two more times in succession, and then he’ll be a bit winded. His fatigue allows you to move in close and splash some more paint on him before retreating.

Naturally, the Octo Samurai will mix his new attack with the others you’ve been avoiding up to that point, so be ready for anything as you spread more paint around and eventually deal a final blow. Then you’re ready to resume your Splatoon adventure and hopefully find out more about the whereabouts of Callie and the Great Zapfish.

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