Pokemon Go: How to Find and Catch Articuno

Nab the legendary Pokemon Articuno in our guide to Pokemon Go.


After over a year of anticipation and demand by fans, legendary Pokemon have been added to Pokemon Go. They appear during Legendary Raid events, and Articuno is near the top of every Pokemon trainer's must-catch list. Articuno is crafty and pops up rarely, but following our guide will raise your odds of adding this legendary pocket monster to your collection.

How to Catch Articuno in Pokemon Go

Like many of his legendary pals, Articuno only appears during a Legendary Raid in which he is featured as the event's boss. On top of that, Raids pose a challenge even to veteran Pokemon trainers. Trainers who team up are more likely to survive and capture Pokemon.

Gather your friends and meet at a Legendary Raid spot, represented as gyms in-game. Make sure you've got at least one Pokemon in your collection powered up and ready to rumble; it's not uncommon for Legendary Pokemon to boast life gauges of 40,000 hit points or more. You'll also want to make sure you've got the right pocket monsters for the job. Articuno is weak against fire, steel, electric, and especially fire. Beware, though: this Pokemon shrugs off attacks from Ground, Bug, and Grass Pokemon types.

Scrape and claw your way to the end of the Legendary Raid and hang tough against Articuno. Don't let up when he's on the ropes. Like any other Pokemon, Articuno must be captured. Bring some Golden Razz Berries—which boost your chances of capturing critters—into the Raid to give yourself an even better chance of sticking the landing.

How to Use Articuno

Triumphing over Articuno is a sweet, sweet victory, but there are some stipulations to keep in mind. For instance, you can't use Articuno to defend one of your gyms. He's extremely valuable as a weapon to attack other gyms with, however. In other words, put him on offense, not defense.

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