How to Upgrade Weapons in Splatoon 2

Upgrade your Hero weapons with Power Eggs and Sardinium.


While playing through the Splatoon 2 campaign, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock a variety of Hero weapons. While these weapons are basically just variations on what can be found while playing the game’s multiplayer modes, each one can be upgraded to tweak its damage, range, as well as other stats.

With this guide today, we’ll be showing you how the upgrade system works, how players can unlock weapons, when the weapon system unlocks, and what’s required for players to begin upgrading their weapons right away.

How to Upgrade Weapons

Upgrading your weapons in Splatoon 2 isn’t overly complicated, but a few hoops must be jumped through before the upgrade process can take place.

  • Progress to the third lair, just before you engage in the first boss fight.
  • Complete the lair and defeat the boss, unlocking your first Hero weapon.
  • The Ammo Knights Enhancifier will unlock.
  • The Ammo Knights Enhancifier allows upgrades to Sheldon’s weapons.

Defeating the first boss and completing the third lair will unlock the ability for you to upgrade weapons, but there are two specific items that you’ll need before you can do it.

The first required item is Power Eggs, which can be found throughout the various lairs of Splatoon 2. These are often discovered by breaking crates and popping balloons, or simply by completing lairs.

Sardinium is also required, which is sort of like a premium currency that you’ll find as you play through Splatoon 2. Players should find at least one per lair, but you might have to put some time and effort into tracking it down. It will not be as plentiful as Power Eggs.

Assuming you have all the Power Eggs and Sardinium that you require, head to the Ammo Knights Enhancifier and activate it by pressing A on the controller. Head inside to locate the weapon that you want to upgrade and select it. Assuming you have everything, you should be able to upgrade the Hero weapon as desired.

There’s a lot more to learn about Splatoon 2, so be sure to stop by the Shacknews Splatoon 2 hub, where you’ll find links to all our Splatoon 2 guides.

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