Splatoon 2: All Amiibo Gear

Read our guide to learn what gear Amiibo get you in Splatoon 2.


Splatoon 2 brings more to the table than an expanded single-player campaign and multiplayer mayhem. The game supports three brand-new Amiibo Nintendo launched alongside Splatoon 2 for Nintendo Switch, as well as all previous Amiibo compatible with the first game on Wii U.

Use this guide to learn how Amiibo work in Splatoon 2 and what each collectible action figure will get you.

Activate Amiibo

Activating your Amiibo figures requires more than simply touching them to your Switch Joy-Con. Fire up Splatoon 2 and head to Inkopolis Square. Near the rear of the plaza, you should find an Amiibo box. It's empty, but you can change that. Interact with the box and wait for a menu to appear, then hold your Amiibo of choice over the NFC chip, found in the right Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch.

Amiibo Gear: Splatoon Figures

Whether you managed to get your hands on the new Amiibo Nintendo crafted for Splatoon 2 or you're sticking with your tried-and-true figures from the original Splatoon, all of the miniatures grant you gear to use in the game.

Scanning an Inkling Girl Amiibo unlocks the School Uniform, School Shoes, and Squid Hairclip. Each of these items grants you valuable perks such as saving ink, boosting recovery speed, and faster swimming. You'll receive those benefits from scanning either Inkling Girl figure.

Inkling Boy also came in two variants. Scan either one to inherit the Samurai Jacket, Samurai Helmet, and Samurai Boots. As always, you'll get power-ups from each item. Boosts from this set includes Special Charge Up, Special Power Up, and Quick Super Jump.

The Inkling Squid Amiibos made for Splatoon set up you up with Power Armor, Power Mask, and Power Boots. Equip them to enjoy faster respawn, higher defense against bombs, and an ink saver.

Amiibo Gear: Splatoon 2 Figures

Nintendo offers Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy, and Inkling Squid Amiibo centered on their Splatoon 2 designs. Starting with Inkling Girl, scanning her gets you a School Cardigan, Squid Clip-ons, and Fringed Loafers. Try them on and take increased running speed and the Opening Gambit and Cold-Blooded perks for a test drive.

Inkling Boy should appeal to anyone who feels the need for speed. His gear includes the Squinja Suit, Shoes, and Mask, which pack the Special Saver, a boost to swimming speed, and faster respawn property.

Rounding out the pack is Inkling Squid, who once again plays with power—the Power Armor Mk1, Power Mask Mk1, and Power Boots Mk1 to be specific. Suit up to take advantage of enhanced resistance to ink and bombs.

Special Amiibo Gear: Marie and Callie

Inkling Boy, Girl, and Squid are all well and good, but Nintendo rolled out a couple of collectible characters as well. Splatoon fans should already be familiar with Marie and Callie. If you're new to the game's lore, you'll learn more about them soon enough. For now, check out how their Amiibo incarnations benefit you in Splatoon 2.

Callie is a hero, and her Amiibo gear attests to that fact. Scan her to receive the Hero Jacket Replica, Hero Runner Replica, and Hero Headset Replica. As befits a hero, the gear's boons include faster swimming, running, and super jumps.

Marie's a heavy hitter, so she'll net you an Armor Jacket Replica, Armor Boot Replica, and Armor Helmet Replica. Put them on to pad out your avatar with Tenacity, Ink Saver, and Special Charge Up.

Interested in learning about more new features? Hit up our Splatoon 2 guide for info on how to start the single-player campaign and other topics.

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