Evening Reading

I had a vision just moments ago! The scriptures of dusk have returned! Bask in the glory and be thankful, the path to righteousness and everlasting inner peace is not an easy one. These passages from the scriptures shall enlighten and bring all of us a step closer, this is the way it is done:

- Ooooh, what a surprise. A recent study revealed a few days ago that over 50% of sick days taken by employees the person in question isnt really sick.
- In case you missed it, the Russians are gonna finally dump the Mir space station into the ocean. That thing was up there for a while and stuff.
- Amazing, that Stephen King book being published on the web is actually working. In fact 75% according to Mr King, homeboy is making phat loot.

Lastly, apparently baseball players are sexy. Salon.com failed to contact me before going to publish this article though, many people dont realize that I'm a sexy bitch.

update Clay - Sorry about that guys, The Steve forgot to take his medicine. I called up his girl and he was given his a double dose. Poor guy thinks he's a prophet or something. Move along, nothing to see here...

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