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How to Get New Arms in ARMS

We extend our reach to give you a hand in unlocking new Arms for Nintendo’s fighting game.


When you start off in ARMS, you’ll only have access to a few sets of arms to use in game. Acquiring new arms for the various characters can be a tricky task, this guide will show you the most efficient way to unlock them.

Unlocking Arms

The in-game currency of ARMS is the key to getting your hands on some new gear. This currency can be earned by playing Grand Prix, Party Mix, and Ranked Modes are all good ways to put some currency in your pocket.

After you’ve obtained 30 points of currency, choose Get Arms from the bottom of the main menu, you will be brought to the character select screen. Click the character you would most prefer to earn a new set of arms for. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll get arms for this specific character, but it does increase the odds.

There will be a mini-game that plays similar to Skillshot, in which you can spend more currency for more time in the mini-game. The options for currency to time is as follows:

30 points - 25 seconds

100 points - 50 seconds

200 points - 90 seconds

There will also be chances to hit clocks and extend your time during the mini-game. If you hit a gift box you’ll see a picture appear on the back wall of the arms you just unlocked, and what character they are for. Be quick and grind out the mini-game and hit those gift boxes to get all 270 arms that the game has to offer.

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