How to Get Wonder Woman's Movie Costume in Injustice 2

New Multiverse event to coincide with the films release


In honor of the Wonder Woman movie coming out on June 2, NetherRealm has teamed up with Warner Bros in order to let players obtain the costume worn by Gal Gadot in the film in its superhero brawler Injustice 2.

To get the costume, head over to the single-player Multiverse and enter the portal titled “To End All Wars.” There will be five different missions, each of which will grant players a different piece of the full costume. These missions are rated three out of five on the difficulty scale, with the final boss, Cheetah, being rated a difficulty of four out of five. If the challenges prove too tough for you, remember that you can use an AI-controlled Wonder Woman to finish them. Even if she falls short, she'll gain levels while battling through, so keep trying.

For those playing the Injustice 2 mobile game, new cards and a costume inspired by the film are available starting today.

If getting the exclusive Wonder Woman gear seems like something your interested in, don’t delay. After this special event Multiverse expires on June 6, it’s likely that there won’t be another chance to acquire the gear.

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