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Friday the 13th: The Game: How to Earn Customization Points

Learn how to stock up on CP to unlock more content in Friday the 13th: The Game. 


When you think of Jason Vorhees, you likely imagine a muscular zombie in a hockey mask relentlessly cutting down promiscuous teenagers. Jason has taken many forms throughout his prolific career as a movie monster, and Friday the 13th: The Game's customization points (CP) give you the chance to unlock more variations of the classic killer, as well as unlock more content that will benefit both the monster and his prey.

How to Earn CP

Customization points are a currency you use to unlock variations of Jason Vorhees from throughout the long-running movie series. You can also cash in CP to buy executions for Jason and perks for other characters. Before you can get CP, you must level up by performing in-game actions. Every time your character's level goes up by one, Friday the 13th: The Game gifts you 500 CP.

A second way to accumulate CP is by selling perks. Most perks apply to any counselor, so you don't want to get rid of them. However, if there's a perk you find yourself ignoring, or if it goes against your usual play style, selling it will net you 100-200 CP.

How to Level Up Quickly

Since earning CP depends on leveling up, increasing your level quickly is in your best interest. You'll receive experience points for practically all in-game actions, including installing batteries and repairing phone boxes. The fastest way to level up is by finishing a match. Resist the temptation to quit out of the match if you die or escape before other players; you'll be rewarded for hanging around by receiving 500 experience points.

Along the same lines, players who remain in a match after they've died have a chance of being recast as Tommy Jarvis. Not only will you receive experience points for (eventually) completing the match and as compensation for the actions your original character completed, the actions you perform as Tommy will add even more XP to your total. Amass experience rapidly by locking every door you can find, in addition to taking other actions as needed.

Last but not least, killing Jason is worth a lot of XP. Of course, killing the seemingly immortal Jason Vorhees is easier said than done. Your best bet for pulling off this near-impossible feat is to cooperate with your team. 

In need of strategies to survive Jason's killing spree? Consult our Friday the 13th: The Game guide to learn how to survive and escape Jason.

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