How to Fix a Car in Friday the 13th

We show you how to fix a car in attempt to flee the wrath of Jason Voorhees.


Hopping in a car is one of the ways to escape Jason in Friday the 13th: The Game. There will be a handful of cars that spawn at the start of the map, typically near the main roads. Though, once you find a car, it won’t be ready to go just yet. You’ll have to perform some maintenance in order to get it up and running.

How to Fix a Car

To fix a car, you’re going to need to collect a couple of items. Because of this, collaborating with other counselors is a much more efficient way to go about repairing a vehicle. A car key, car battery, and a gasoline filled jerry can are the three items you need to obtain to fix a car.

Once acquired, Place the battery in the hood and the gas into the side of the car. Once completed, hop in the car in use the keys to start the engine. The first two tasks will require you to play a short and simple mini-game, and failing at one of these mini-games will alert Jason and bring you some unwanted attention.

Now you’re ready to go. Drive along the road and make your way to the exit. Be aware that getting in a car doesn’t 100% guarantee you a successful escape. Jason can still catch you and pull you out of the car if you don’t keep an eye out for him.

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