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Injustice demo strikes PS3 and Xbox 360 on April 2

By Andrew Yoon, Mar 28, 2013 9:00am PDT

The Injustice demo will include three characters and one stage to play through.


'American Pie' is Rock Band's final DLC song

By Andrew Yoon, Mar 22, 2013 4:00pm PDT

April 2nd will be the day the music died.


"My rebuttal is Bohemian Rhapsody and London Calling in its entirety."

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Retail holding back launch day digital Xbox 360 sales, Microsoft says

By John Keefer, Mar 22, 2013 3:00pm PDT

The Xbox 360 Games on Demand digital distribution service traditionally has lagged behind the PlayStation Store--and even Nintendo's eShop of late--when it comes to day-and-date releases of new titles. It appears that won't be changing anytime soon because of Microsoft's con...


"And what about when the next Xbox ships? Wouldn't you want your digital games (bought in the 360 ..."

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Halo series kicks off Xbox Games on Demand sale

By Alice O'Connor, Feb 26, 2013 8:15am PST

Xbox Live Games on Demand typically ends up making you pay more than retail price--even during sales--for games which don't need to be pressed, packaged, shipped, or stored, which makes it essentially a costly way of saving shelf space. Microsoft's knocking up to 85% off off...


"They are having issues with the pricing according to Major Nelson, might want to hold off for a bit."

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Microsoft opens new studio for Xbox interactive content

By Alice O'Connor, Feb 12, 2013 10:00am PST

Those PlayBoxes in the corner of your living room have been increasingly presented as (or increasingly become, at least) some sort of magical portal to all manner of non-game things, and the next generation will surely be moreso. Microsoft yesterday announced that it's forme...


"It would be great if these features were the selling point of the Gold membership and have ..."

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 most-played Xbox 360 game in 2012

By Alice O'Connor, Jan 23, 2013 9:00am PST

To tie 2012 up all nice with a bow before burying it in the woods out back, Microsoft has revealed the most popular Xbox Live, Xbox Live Arcade, Xbox Live Indie Games, and Games for Windows Live titles from that dead year, dead dead dead dead. Unsurprisingly, Call of Duty: B...


"I think I account for the Pinball FX 2 stat coming in at #4 on the arcade titles list."

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Xbox Live Achievements come to iOS via Wordament

By Andrew Yoon, Dec 27, 2012 10:05am PST

Achievements are no longer exclusive to Windows devices. You can finally earn Gamerscore on *shock* an Apple device.


"Yeah GFWL is the same as XBL. Unified achievements list across all of these devices, which is nice."

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Happy Wars has over 1.2 million players

By Andrew Yoon, Dec 18, 2012 10:15am PST

Microsoft's first foray into free-to-play on Xbox Live has become something of a success. Today, the developer has revealed that Happy Wars has reached over 1.2 million players worldwide.


"I wish there was some kind of criteria for what companies used to define as a player. It'd be ..."

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Minecraft: The Story of Mojang documentary free on Xbox Live

By Andrew Yoon, Dec 17, 2012 3:20pm PST

Minecraft: The Story of Mojang is a feature-length documentary that looks at Persson's rise to fame, and offers a detailed look at his new studio.


Microsoft to roll out 40 entertainment apps for Xbox Live

By Steve Watts, Dec 11, 2012 9:00am PST

Microsoft has outlined a large list of entertainment apps coming to Xbox Live, starting this week. The publisher is aiming to release more than 40 across all regions between now and next spring.


"I wish they should stop fucking up with the localization and give me a UI in English when I set ..."

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Xbox Live Gold free weekend starts today

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 29, 2012 8:30am PST

If your Xbox is getting a bit lonely, kept offline by a lack of Xbox Live Gold membership, get on your glad rags and dancing shoes because Microsoft is treating it to a few nights on the town. Gold features, like online multiplayer, Netflix, and Internet Explorer will be ope...


"They could hook more people if it was a free week and not just a free weekend."

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Microsoft rewarding Xbox Live veterans with special 360s

By Steve Watts, Nov 14, 2012 2:00pm PST

Microsoft is surprising its longest-lasting Xbox Live subscribers with a special edition console in celebration of the service's 10-year anniversary.


"11/16/202 for me but then I switched to a family account a couple years ago and that is a new cycle."

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Wall Street Journal and Ford app now available on Xbox Live

By Andrew Yoon, Oct 31, 2012 3:30pm PDT

Two more apps have launched on Xbox Live today: The Wall Street Journal, and an "advertising app" for Ford that lets you actively choose to be bombarded with intrusive advertisements while using your Xbox 360.


"I'm getting the Ford app as we speak it is going to rock my world"

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President Obama wins final debate on Xbox Live

By Steve Watts, Oct 23, 2012 12:00pm PDT

The Xbox Live poll results showed a strong win for President Obama in the third and final presidential debate, with undecided voters leaning in his direction on most major issues.


"These results seem to be consistent with my (informal) estimate that slightly over half of Xbox ..."

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NBA Game Time brings live basketball to Xbox 360

By Andrew Yoon, Oct 22, 2012 12:30pm PDT

Xbox Live Gold subscribers can now access the NBA Game Time app for Xbox 360. In conjunction with a NBA League Pass, you'll be able to access live regular season games in 720p.


"Divide the cost by the amount of games you'll likely watch. Even at like $10 a game for 12 games ..."

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