ID@Xbox program opens today, gives indie devs free Xbox One dev kits

Microsoft wants you to know that it is serious about indie development on Xbox One. With its new "Independent Developers @ Xbox" program (ID@Xbox), the company plans on courting talent by offering free devkits, a support team, and access to exclusive events.

Registered ID@Xbox developers will receive two kits at no cost. Chris Charla will oversee the program and "maintain personal communication with a vast majority" of developers. In addition, registered teams will get access to community managers for any questions about the program.

Applications will be available here. Priority will be given to indie devs "who have a proven track record of shipping games on console, PC, mobile or tablet." There is no application fee.

In conjunction with this announcement, Microsoft included a number of prepared statements from indie devs briefed on the program. SpyParty developer Chris Hecker seems to be on board, making it likely his game will end up on Microsoft's next-gen console. "I'm really excited that Microsoft has listened to feedback from developers and created this program. As an independent developer, I want SpyParty to be available to as many players as possible, and it feels like Microsoft is interested in not only removing roadblocks for indies to get their games on Xbox One, but they're also genuinely interested in finding ways to bring new and innovative indie games to their platform to help games reach their potential as an art and entertainment form," he said.