Xbox Enforcement United uses community to flush out inappropriate Gamertags

Microsoft recently spoke about its PhD-validated Reputation system. But you don't need a PhD to recognize an inappropriate Gamertag. The company's next step in improving the Xbox Live community is to flush out the more unseemly handles that you might bump into during the average online multiplayer game with a new program called Xbox Enforcement United.

Xbox Enforcement United uses Xbox Live members to help determine appropriate content by having them evaluate Gamertags and judge whether they violate the Xbox Live Code of Conduct. If enough participants determine a Gamertag to be offensive, enforcement action could be taken against it.

The Xbox Enforcement United initiative is expected to expand in the future, with community members looking out for other forms of inappropriate content. Registration for the beta has begun and qualified Xbox Live Ambassadors can sign up now.

Xbox Community Level is launching alongside this new initiative, which will allow Xbox Live member to earn rewards and recognition for participating in Enforcement United or for working as Xbox Live Ambassadors.

Microsoft's efforts continue a trend of community self-policing, following in the footsteps of Valve and Riot.