Xbox Live Family accounts converting to individual accounts

Microsoft has discontinued its Family Gold offer, and will be converting existing Family accounts to individual Gold subscriptions at the end of this month. The transition will start August 27, and each member in a family pack will get his or her own Gold subscription for any remaining time, plus an extra three months.

A Microsoft FAQ (via GameSpot) says that only two features will be unavailable after the changeover.

Activity monitoring, which allowed parents to keep track of what their children were playing, is going away, though parents will still be able to set the standard parental controls. Parents will also no longer be able to set points allocations for their kids, which makes enough sense considering points themselves are being phased out entirely.

Although family access no longer exists, Xbox One does allow Gold benefits to be shared. That means a single family member with Xbox Live Gold can extend those benefits to any other accounts using the same system, negating some of the "savings" that the family account initially offered.