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Halo: Reach Campaign Preview

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It seems that most of the conversations I've heard throughout the industry in regards to Halo: Reach essentially boils down to a single phrase: "It's a Halo game."

If we're going to focus solely on the controls and the universe the game takes place in then I suppose "It's a Halo game" works as summary of what Reach is. But, it seems, the phrase only exists in place of actually saying, "It's the same thing as always and hordes of people will probably buy it." Read more »

"Not quite as good as Halo 3 single player. The game feels like ODST. "
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Mortal Kombat Hands-on Preview

Mortal Kombat is something of a guilty pleasure for fighting game fans. The series has never achieved the same dedicated tournament following as Capcom's Street Fighter series but remains a personal highlight for me in the pantheon of great toe-to-toe brawler franchises.

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe took the series in a new direction. While it was a good decision to get more mainstream (Read: 'T' Rated) attention for the series, it completely changed what made the original series so popular. People come to Mortal Kombat for the gore and insane fatalities. MK vs. DC removed those concepts in favor of widening its audience. The new Mortal Kombat, however, takes us back to a simpler time. A time where blood flows like red wine and spines are as fragile as fine china. Read more »

"to be fair, mk vs dc was terrible for more reasons than it being teen. eliminating the different ..."
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NHL 11 Hands-on Preview

At E3 2010, I walked away from my hands-on time with NHL 11 extremely worried. While EA Canada's hockey title continues to look and feel fantastic, a lot of additional gameplay features have been added that I felt broke the experience.

Fans of Madden remember when EA first introduced the QB Vision mode to the game. It was one of those concepts that EA was so proud of at the time that it was prominently featured throughout the experience. In the end, most hated the idea and it was quickly buried in future iterations of the game. Read more »

"Yea, the menus are fucking brutal. So much wasted space and so much inconsistency. It's one of ..."
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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Hands-on Preview

Although its critical response was lukewarm, I rather enjoyed Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. After the critical flop that was Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (compared to the original) and the game based on the terrible Spider-Man 3 film, I was ready to hang up my webshooters and walk away from Peter Parker's world.

When I first saw the concept behind Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions I was cautiously optimistic. Taking Spider-Man through his multiple comic-book universes seems like a good way to keep the game fresh throughout its campaign. Although Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions -- developed by Beenox -- does away with the open-world concept, the design presents a variety of locales in which to fight crime. And each era's version of Spider-man has a new set of abilities to play with. Read more »

"I thought it was pretty decent. The optional side missions were extremely repetitive, and there ..."
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Fable 3 Hands-on Preview

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With Lionhead Studios wrapping up the third title in the popular Fable franchise, the company gave us time with multiple sections of the game.

Most importantly, we were able to watch the story unfold in a playable preview of the game's opening. Here we learn about the devastation suffered at the hands of an evil king and the character you will develop to either free or enslave the people of Albion from the clutches of a madman. Read more »

"Is it yet a open world ? or are they still in the 90's with narrow corridors/pathways and small ..."
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Call of Duty: Black Ops Hands-on Preview

Shacknews got our best look yet at Call of Duty: Black Ops at Microsoft's X10 event in Toronto. Although we've seen pieces of the levels shown here in the past, today was the first time we've had a chance to get our hands on the experience for ourselves. Not only that, this marks the first time we've been able to see some of the new mechanics added to the game.

Forget about the fragments of Black Ops you've read about before. We walk you through entire sections of the game that you'll get to see with your own eyes when Call of Duty: Black Ops launches across the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on November 9, 2010. Read more »

"as for your second reason, its like that in every single cod game ive ever played... i think ..."
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Splinter Cell: Conviction X10 Screenshots Drop

Look out, Sam! Those red-headed thugs are back, and now they have bigger guns! Oh, and do be careful not to step on broken glass or get any in your eye. That would hurt.

What's that? Who's Sam? Here, watch this video. You'll understand. Maybe. I hope. Read more »

"My only complaint about V2 is the lowered FOV from V1. Other than that, I love both games."
- Poor Yurik    See all 25 comments

Halo: Reach 'ViDoc' Trailer Storms The Breach

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What, our preview of Halo: Reach and word of the multiplayer beta kicking off on May 3 wasn't enough? You want more? Well lucky for you, Bungie's put out a new trailer. It's called "Once More Unto The Breach," and you can find it just after this pesky colon:

Read more »

"Sorry what? Yeah ive read the books yeah maybe the game isnt exactly canon but who cares. ..."
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Fable 3 Dev Diary Talks Roleplaying, Blood-Dripping Swords and Touching Your Girlfriend

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Hot on the heels of the first Fable 3 screenshots comes the first developer diary for Lionhead's RPG sequel, covering everything from tech and toolset improvements to how your character's alignment is reflected in their weapons and giant sprouting wings.

Threatening to get people "super pissed off," Fable 3 removes the RPG mechanic of gaining experience to level up as part of a process which franchise head Louise Murray explains is "not getting rid of every element of an RPG but certainly making it something that people who aren't interested in that side of things will still enjoy." Read more »

"He was never "a god", be was simply above average and was hailed as "a god". Now he thinks ..."
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Alan Wake No Longer Coming to PC

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With the Xbox 360 version of Remedy's Alan Wake now sporting a May 18 release date, publisher Microsoft has confirmed that the "pyschological action thriller" will not hit PC.

Alan Wake was originally announced for PC and "next generation consoles" back in 2005. In July 2009, Remedy revealed that the fate of the PC edition was "up in the air," later clarifying that it "would love to see a PC version available to its PC followers" but stressing that "this decision lies with our publisher." Read more »

"Hey Mr. Grown Up it's not that we don't want to save "a few bucks" for an Xbox. We just don't ..."
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First Fable 3 Screenshots Go All 'New Romantic'

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Fable 3 developer Lionhead Studios has released the first screenshots of its Xbox 360-exclusive RPG sequel, showing an average day in the life of a not-so-heroic hero.

Tossing one's daughter gaily in the air, dragging beggars along, touring factories, dispatching dastardly ne'er-do-wells and walking your faithful dog are among the activities displayed, in this case enjoyed by a red-eyed Adam and the Ants fan. Read more »

"Agreed, Fable 1 did deliver less than promised as usual from Molyneux, but Fable 2 was a turd, ..."
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Halo Reach X10 Preview: A Pretty, Gritty Sandbox

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With the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta kicking off May 3, developer Bungie showed off one of the included maps during today's X10 event.

The map, named "Powerhouse" offered a good showcase for the technical work they've done improving the game engine over past entries.

Every part of the Xbox 360 exclusive's world has received a several fold increase in detail. This particularly stood out in the weaponry. A new marksman's rifle and needler rifle took full advantage of this with signature elements like an enlarged scope and the purple needle crystals protruding from the stock. Read more »

"Ah, the ol' bait and switch. "*Note - game will not look like these 1920x1080 8xMSAA ..."
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Crackdown 2 X10 Preview: Taking It Higher

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I got a look at Crackdown 2 led by the game's producer James Cope here at Microsoft's X10 showcase. In his introduction, he talked about their hope that the game's fairly simple overall objective will help keep that sense of freedom--to just go nuts--that made the first so popular while providing some motivation to keep moving people through the game. That objective is "Project Sunburst," an Agency initiative to assemble a massive energy weapon that can be used to clean up the streets en masse.

The weapon's necessary parts have been captured by the terrorist "Cell" faction and are secured in strongholds around the city. Part of the tactical play to recover them involves capturing intermediary positions that, once taken, can be reinforced and turned into forward supply points. Getting the pieces then follows a similar process of cleaning out the enemies protecting it and then calling in a helicopter to make the pickup. Read more »

"This will beat GTA4 for me. I've always wanted a good coop GTA style coop. Crackdown 1 was ok ..."
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Xbox LIVE Arcade Block Party Coming in March, Bringing Game Room, Scrap Metal and More

An 'Xbox LIVE Arcade Block Party' event in March will see the launch of the 'Game Room' virtual arcade as well as releases of several top XBLA titles, Microsoft has announced.

N+ co-developer Slick Entertainment's combat racer Scrap Metal (1200 Microsoft Points / $15), Toy Soldiers (1200 MSP / $15) and Perfect Dark (800 MSP / $10) are due in March--Toy Soldiers will hit March 3, with everything else following later in the month. Read more »

"I'm not convinced that the price would be cheaper without the virtual arcade room. Also, it ..."
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Left 4 Dead 2 'The Passing' DLC Revealed, More Left 4 Dead 1 Content Detailed, Comic Announced

Valve has released screenshots of Left 4 Dead 2's downloadable content 'The Passing,' which will see survivors from the original L4D meet up with Coach and the gang.

Due to hit PC and Xbox 360 in "late March," Kotaku reveals, The Passing will see Bill, Zoey, Francis and Louis crossing paths with L4D's survivors and encountering a new 'uncommon common' infected named the Fallen Survivor who sometimes drops items. Read more »

"lol. de_dust2 is technically only 5 minutes of play but people play it over and over for years. ..."
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