Left 4 Dead 2 'The Passing' DLC Revealed, More Left 4 Dead 1 Content Detailed, Comic Announced

By Alice O'Connor, Feb 11, 2010 3:12pm PST Valve has released screenshots of Left 4 Dead 2's downloadable content 'The Passing,' which will see survivors from the original L4D meet up with Coach and the gang.

Due to hit PC and Xbox 360 in "late March," Kotaku reveals, The Passing will see Bill, Zoey, Francis and Louis crossing paths with L4D's survivors and encountering a new 'uncommon common' infected named the Fallen Survivor who sometimes drops items.

Further content will also come for the original Left 4 Dead in the form of an add-on telling of the fab four's journey to The Passing, a "month or so" after The Passing hits.

A digital Left 4 Dead comic book illustrated by Powers' Michael Avon Oeming and likely starring the original cast will also follow in the wake of The Passing.

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  • I'm really happy about something this concrete being shown. Stylistically, the DLC looks fantastic. They did an excellent job of finding a compromise between L4D1 and 2's colour palettes. New commons, uncommons, and weapons along with maps is *exactly* what everyone wants too. To me, this restores much of my respect for Valve's support policies that was tarnished when 2 was announced.

    To do this properly though, they will definitely have to add some *real* cross-compatibility between the games so that the community doesn't remain divided (just like everyone in the boycott correctly said it would be). IIRC they have in fact hinted about a new game mode being released at the same time as this, so it would stand completely to reason that there would be some game-crossing 8 player mode or the like.

    Time will tell. Good news either way.