Fable 3 Dev Diary Talks Roleplaying, Blood-Dripping Swords and Touching Your Girlfriend

Hot on the heels of the first Fable 3 screenshots comes the first developer diary for Lionhead's RPG sequel, covering everything from tech and toolset improvements to how your character's alignment is reflected in their weapons and giant sprouting wings.

Threatening to get people "super pissed off," Fable 3 removes the RPG mechanic of gaining experience to level up as part of a process which franchise head Louise Murray explains is "not getting rid of every element of an RPG but certainly making it something that people who aren't interested in that side of things will still enjoy."

Peter Molyneux offers a thought on Fable 3's new animation morphing technology that has thrilling implications for Fable 3's Project Natal support, saying "Now this may sound strange but imagine this--being able to reach out and touch your girlfriend in the game. Being able to hold, persuade, push... all that can be done dynamically."

Fable 3 is scheduled for release exclusively on Xbox 360 in the 2010 holiday season.

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