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Humble Indie Bundle 4 sales pass $2 million

By Andrew Yoon, Dec 26, 2011 8:00am PST

Humble Indie Bundle #4 has had no problem reaching the $2 million sales mark, as it reaches its final day of sales.


"I've had a ton of fun with the games from the bundle so far. VVVVVV has been my surprise ..."

- DinK see all 2 comments

Humble Bundle Steam Key minimum increased to battle un-humble gamers

By Xav de Matos, Dec 21, 2011 6:00pm PST

A few un-humble folks have taken it upon themselves to purchase the latest Humble Indie Bundle for one penny, in an attempt to increase their odds of winning prizes during Valve's current raffle promotion.


"I don't know how you can't afford a dollar but still have a computer and Internet connection."

- Mecha Tofu Pirate see all 15 comments

Humble Indie Bundle 4 adds five 'Indie Bundle 3' games and soundtracks

By Xav de Matos, Dec 20, 2011 1:30pm PST

Humble Indie Bundle 4 has added another bonus, five games and the soundtracks from Humble Indie Bundle 3.


Humble Indie Bundle #4 features Super Meat Boy, Shank, Bit.Trip Runner and more

By Xav de Matos, Dec 13, 2011 11:00am PST

Super Meat Boy, Shank, Bit.Trip Runner, NightSky, and Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony have been revealed as the games available in Humble Indie Bundle #4, which also has two incredible bonus titles.


"I bought this yesterday and fired up Super Meat Boy for the first time last night. I was really ..."

- creepjacked see all 19 comments

Humble Introversion Bundle adds Dungeons of Dredmor, source codes

By Xav de Matos, Nov 29, 2011 11:00am PST

The latest Humble Bundle, featuring titles from developer Introversion Games, has just had two choice new items added to its offer.


"There's no way you can be sure of that. I myself removed the charities, so Introversion got like ..."

- jacobvandy see all 20 comments

Humble Indie Bundle 3 sales pass $2 million

By Alice O'Connor, Aug 09, 2011 6:15am PDT

Sales of the Humble Indie Bundle 3 have passed the $2 million mark, as the final day of the "pay what you want" mega-bargain ticks away.


"My gaming needs are now taken care of for the next six months"

- sleepytea see all 6 comments

Humble Indie Bundle 3 adds 'Atom Zombie Smasher'

By Xav de Matos, Aug 05, 2011 1:00pm PDT

The third Humble Indie Bundle continues to grow, this time with Atom Zombie Smasher as a "free" bonus game addition.


"As they have added new games to the bundle, they have automatically been showing up in my Steam ..."

- kwperley see all 16 comments

Humble Indie Bundle 3 adds Humble Indie Bundle 2 titles

By Andrew Yoon, Aug 03, 2011 2:00pm PDT

Humble Bundle 3 is now, quite possibly, one of the greatest deals in gaming history. By purchasing the Humble Bundle 3, you'll get Humble Bundle 2 for free as well.


"Steel Storm and VVVVVV is well worth the price alone. hammerfight is odd but really well put ..."

- melkore see all 8 comments

Humble Indie Bundle 3 adds Steel Storm

By Andrew Yoon, Aug 01, 2011 4:00pm PDT

Humble Indie Bundle 3 is expanding, offering a bonus sixth game: Steel Storm.


Humble Indie Bundle 3 adds Minecraft full trial

By Alice O'Connor, Jul 29, 2011 5:00am PDT

Making the Humble Indie Bundle 3 even better, your 'pay what you want' purchase now lets you play Minecraft for free until August 14. It's not a copy to keep, but we can hardly complain.


"I have an alpha account and an unused alpha gift code. I use neither. Just waiting for the right ..."

- shurcool see all 9 comments

Humble Indie Bundle 3 launches

By Alice O'Connor, Jul 26, 2011 9:30am PDT

Another set of lovely indie games are going cheap--or expensive, if you fancy, as you name the price--in the fourth Humble Indie Bundle, including VVVVVV, Cogs, Hammerfight, and more.


"Any platform with as many users as Windows would have similar results."

- fractured_sanity see all 14 comments

Third Humble Indie Bundle launches today

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 12, 2011 6:15am PDT

A new 'pay what you want' indie bundle launches today, with games from Frozenbyte including Trine, a prototype and an upcoming game.


"Shadowgrounds Survivor is a fun game, but it's a little budget. Trine is great too. Any screens ..."

- isolated1 see all 16 comments