Third Humble Indie Bundle launches today

Following two hugely successful 'pay what you want' indie games bundles with titles from a variety of developers, organiser Wolfire Games is today launching a new Humble Bundle focusing on one single developer--Trine developer Frozenbyte.


The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle includes the lovely fairytale platformer Trine, top-down shooters Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds Survivor. Interestingly, Frozenbyte is also offering a prototype of a cancelled game named Jack Claw, complete with the source code. You'll also get a pre-order for Splot, a mysterious upcoming game from Frozenbyte.

Trine and the two Shadowgrounds are, as is typical for the Humble Bundles, playable on Windows, Mac and Linux. They can also be activated on digital distributors, variously including Steam, Desura and OnLive. As a bonus, they come complete with downloadable soundtracks.

The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle will be available on HumbleBundle.com from 9:30am PST today until April 26, giving you two weeks. As ever, you can choose how much you pay, and how to split it between the developers, the EFF, charity Child's Play, and organiser Wolfire.

The original Humble Indie Bundle raked in $1,273,613, while sales from the Humble Indie Bundle #2 passed $1.8 million.

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