Humble Indie Bundle 2 Concludes, Collects Over $1.8M

BOOM widget 347028 After launching on December 14, the second (hopefully now annual) Humble Indie Bundle has come to a close, raising just over $1.8 million.

The DRM-free, "pay what you want" bundle featured a number of high-profile independently developed games for PC, Mac, and Linux, in support of indie developers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the Child's Play Charity. Users were able to divide their donations to share between developers and charities or to give the entire lump sum to any one specific group.

According to the offer's official site, 232,849 bundles were purchased with the majority of buyers opting for the Windows versions of each included game. The average donation for the bundle settled at $7.83; however, Linux users appeared to be the most charitable with an average donation of $13.76.

On December 22, the offer was sweetened when event organizer Wolfire Games announced that bundle purchasers would also receive the six games offered in the 2009 Humble Indie Bundle, as a bonus for their contribution. Hopefully this isn't the last we've seen of the Humble Indie Bundle.