Humble Indie Bundle 3 adds Humble Indie Bundle 2 titles

Humble Indie Bundle 3 is now, quite possibly, one of the greatest deals in gaming history. By purchasing the Humble Indie Bundle 3, you'll get Humble Indie Bundle 2 for free as well. That means the "pay what you wish" indie bundle is now offering eleven games, in addition to a demo of Minecraft. The catch? You'll have to pay more than the average donation of $4.87.

Gamers that have purchased the third Humble Indie Bundle before 10:30am PT today will receive the additional games at no extra cost.

There's only six more days to take advantage of this offer, so it's best you don't wait too long.

Over 230,000 bundles have already been sold so far, generating over $1.1 million of revenue. The updated offer now includes DRM-free versions of eleven games:

In addition, the bundle includes access to a time-limited demo of Minecraft.