Humble Indie Bundle 3 adds Minecraft full trial

As if paying whatever you pleased for five fine indie games weren't already a fantastic bargain, The Humble Indie Bundle 3 has added another bonus to sweeten the deal. All Bundleers will now be able to play the full version of Minecraft for free until August 14.

Sure, a fortnight's trial is not as exciting as a copy of Minecraft to keep forever, but you're hardly being robbed by the Bundle, now are you?

At the friendly price of "pay what you want," the Humble Indie Bundle offers DRM-free versions of VVVVVV, Hammerfight, Crayon Physics Deluxe, Cogs, and And Yet It Moves, which can also be activated on Steam and Desura. You can even chose how your dosh gets split between the developers, charity Child's Play, the EFF, and the Bundle's organizer Wolfire Games.

The Humble Indie Bundle 3 launched on Tuesday and will be sold until August 9. With 275 hours left to go, at the time of writing, the Bundle has raked in $731,392.62 from 152,104 sales. It seems well on course to break the Humble Indie Bundle record set by the second, which raked in $1.8 million. As ever, Linux Bundleers have been paying the most by far (average $11.27 contribution), followed by Mac users ($6.52), and finally skinflint PC gamers ($3.85).