Humble Indie Bundle 3 adds 'Atom Zombie Smasher'

The Humble Indie Bundle continues to get robust, as yet another title has been added to the growing collection.

Atom Zombie Smasher from Blendo Games is now included with all Humble Indie Bundle 3 purchases. Since it launched on July 26, the bundle--which splits profits between the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Child's Play, and indie developers--has been sold over 280,000 times.

This marks the third addition to the third Humble Indie Bundle. Previously, the bundle added the bonus game Steel Storm and then gave away the games included in the second Humble Bundle.

Sold separately on Steam, Atom Zombie Smasher is priced at $9.99 and is available on PC and Mac as a SteamPlay game. The average price for the third "pay what you want" Humble Indie Bundle is currently listed at $5.46, at the time of publishing.

[via game creator & Shacker, Blender81]

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