Humble Indie Bundle 4 sales pass $2 million

Like its predecessor, the Humble Indie Bundle #4 has had no problem reaching the $2 million sales mark. The pay-what-you-wish collection of games has been sold over 400,000 times since its introduction more than a week ago.

Bundle #4 gives players access to the PC, Mac, and Linux versions of Super Meat Boy, Shank, Bit.Trip Runner, NightSky, and Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony. Those titles alone would be worth the price, but by donating above the average price will also net users copies of Gratuitous Space Battles and Cave Story+, in addition to games from Bundle #3.

There's only one day left to purchase the fourth, and likely best-selling, bundle. If you do decide to buy, don't be a jerk like some have been. You can no longer donate one penny and expect to get Steam codes. "It's a lose-lose situation for the indie developers, charities, Valve, and Humble Bundle," the Humble crew noted.

While you can still "pay what you wish," you can only receive Steam codes with a donation of $1 or more.