Noclip's Documentary About How DOOM (2016) Came to Be Starts Today

Before the DOOM that came out this year to rave reviews was conceived, there was a very different project in development. Noclip, the crowdfunded documentary group, went behind the scenes at id Software to get the scoop behind the development of DOOM and info on the canceled DOOM 4 that would have taken place on Earth.

The documentary, DOOM Resurrected, offers a new look at DOOM's development from angles we've never seen before. There's also never-before-seen footage from the canceled DOOM 4 which paint a picture of a much different game than the one we got. With a much different locale and design aesthetic, I'm glad that it got scrapped and we received DOOM (2016). However, it's still a very intriguing look at a part of Doom history we've only seen one early development trailer of until this point.

You can catch the first episode of DOOM Resurrected, "To Hell and Back," today at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET at Noclip's YouTube channel. The following two episodes, "Designing a First Impression," and "Guns, Guitars, & Chess on Mars," premiere tomorrow and Wednesday at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET.

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