Thief devs 'discussed' possible changes after Dishonored's release

Although it was announced well before Arkane's game, many couldn't help but notice the similarities Thief shared with Dishonored. In a new retrospective, senior producer Stéphane Roy admits that the studio had considered making changes to their game afterwards, but decided on sticking to their guns.

"When Dishonored came out and we played it, a lot of the people on the team were worried about these similarities--some were even paranoid that we had a mole on our team," Roy explained. "We had quite a few discussions internally about this, but in the end we decided to stay true to what we wanted our Thief to be so we kept everything as-is."

Of course, that isn't entirely true. In the last months of development, Thief dropped QTEs and XP system after negative fan feedback.

Thief's development was quite tumultuous, with the studio even losing its founder during the process. However, Roy says that the long-delayed game hasn't been more challenged than most. "Did the game's development seem all that different from most games? From my personal experience, honestly no," Roy told Game Informer. "Let's be honest, it's a challenge just to make sure all these people push in the same direction with the same goals. Am I surprised if sometimes there are diverging opinions? Absolutely not."