Xbox One bumps up CPU speed by 150 MHz

Xbox One developers will have access to slightly more CPU power than expected. Originally set as 1.6GHz, Microsoft has announced that final production units will run at 1.75GHz--an increase of 150MHz. This is in addition to the GPU speed increase announced last month.

Systems are now in full production according to Microsoft's Yusef Mehdi, who revealed the updated console spec at the Citi Global Technology Conference. "This will be the biggest launch we've ever done by a wide margin," Mehdi told the audience, according to GeekWire. And just in case there are any doubts about the report's legitimacy, Xbox's Phil Spencer also tweeted the report.

The surprise performance boost for Xbox One is undoubtedly good news. With a beefier GPU and CPU, it's clear that Xbox One is slowly closing the gap between it and PS4.