Battlefield 4 Premium confirmed, promises weekly content 'all year long'

EA wasn't going to just sit by and let Call of Duty: Ghosts hog up the news cycle.

Unsurprisingly, EA and DICE have announced plans to launch a "Premium" service for Battlefield 4. The glorified season pass was tremendously successful with Battlefield 3, so its return is rather expected.

"With membership, players can expect themed digital expansion packs, new weekly content and personalization options," EA detailed in a blog post. No further details were revealed, but BF3 Premium offered five expansion packs for $50.

The season pass will move from one console gen to the next--just like Call of Duty: Ghosts. For example, if you buy Premium on PS3, you'll be able to transfer your subscription and content to PS4. In addition, all stats will transfer from one gen to the next as well.