Xbox One headset included with all systems

Microsoft has done a rather stupendous job addressing nearly every complaint fans have had with Xbox One. From the big DRM reversal to its recent indie proposal, Microsoft is making good on the nickname "Xbox 180."

Here's another surprise for you. Xbox One systems will now include a headset, thanks to all the hollering fans did when Microsoft said that Kinect was good enough.

A new unboxing video produced by Microsoft shows the contents of the Day One edition of the system: Xbox One console, Kinect, specially branded Day One controller with chrome D-pad, HDMI cable, and yes--the Xbox One Chat Headset (MSRP: $25).

"The chat on Xbox One offers 3x the sampling rate of the Xbox 360. The quality of the Xbox One Chat Headset speaker and microphone have been upgraded to take advantage of the much improved audio quality. It’s also super lightweight-only 44g-with a padded earpiece that can be worn on either your left or right ear, and a bendable, rotating mic boom. You can control mute and volume without taking your hands off the controller," Microsoft details.

The headset isn't exclusive to the Day One bundle, either. A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed to Shacknews that "the chat headset is included in both the Day One and standard editions of the console." You win, internet.