Valve 'fully aware' of Steam Greenlight problems

Steam Greenlight kicked off with the noble cause of making it easier for indie developers to publish games on the service. However, the overall experience has been far from perfect. Valve has acknowledged some of the shortcomings of the service, and said it is working on improving that process.

"We realize that we are failing in this regard and are working to fix it. We've made some good progress, but we aren't where we want to be yet," Valve's Tom Bui said. "However, because of this progress, we have been Greenlighting more titles within the past couple months (with a small pause for the Summer Sale), but it's still not enough and we are fully aware of that."

The full response by Bui can be seen on IndieStatik (via RPS).

According to Bui, Valve has been making a lot of changes to the back-end systems to automate the process, pointing out that its old system of bringing on partners actually involved fax machines. "Until we can ship everything we want, Greenlight is serving the purpose of helping us prioritize what we ship," he said. "It is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination and has a bunch of downsides (even with all its failing, it is much better than our old, opaque system). We are making improvements to Greenlight where we can, but right now we are focusing on what we can do to ship more games."