Frostbite 3's 'seamless reality' highlighted in new video

The secret sauce behind Battlefield 4's good looks is the Frostbite 3 engine that powers it. A new video showcases some of the new things that "the next evolution" of DICE's engine can do.

Sure, there's all the fancy real-time destruction that the franchise is known for. But equally impressive is how the engine is able to render wind physics through trees. Perhaps the most impressive feature is what they call "networked water simulation," so that all players will be able to see the same waves and the same time--even when a fighter jet plops into the ocean. It's all to create what DICE calls a "seamless reality."

Frustratingly for Nintendo fans, the video says Frostbite 3 "runs on everything from iPhone to next-generation consoles." But apparently, not Wii U.

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