Planetside 2 and DC Universe Online coming to PS4

Update: Added tweets from SoE's John Smedley.

Two large MMOs are going to be coming to the PlayStation 4. Both Planetside 2 and DC Universe Online will be making their way to the new console sometime after it launches later this year, publisher Sony Online Entertainment has confirmed.

Both titles will get the digital download treatment, according to IGN, although SoE is being coy on the release date until Sony announces when the PS4 will launch.

SOE's John Smedley tweeted that PC and PS4 Planetside 2 players would likely be on different servers, and that "work that we are doing for Planetside 2 on PS4 is going to yield a faster PC version.. much better at multicore support." As for DCUO, Smedley said "DCUO PS4 players will be playing on the same servers as the PS3 players."

Smedley had previously hinted that Planetside 2 would be coming to the PS4, and SOE has said before they wanted to work with next-gen. DCUO is already on PlayStation Network for PS3, and the move to PS4 should allow players to keep playing when it is released on the new platform, despite its lack of backward compatibility.

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