Diablo 3 1.0.7 to stop faked hack reports to get Hardcore characters back

The risk of permadeath is what makes Diablo 3's Hardcore mode so thrilling, even knowing one single lag spike or server hiccup could spell your doom. Some people, however, have been big babies and refused to accept this, faking account hacks to get their account rolled back and recover their lost characters. No more! With the release of patch 1.0.7 today, Hardcore characters are excluded from rollbacks.

"In recent months, we've discovered that some players who've lost Hardcore characters through normal gameplay will fake an account compromise and request a rollback through Customer Support in order to get their characters revived," Blizzard explained.

"Hardcore characters were never intended to be revived or undeleted by an account rollback. Bringing Hardcore characters back to life via rollback really isn't in the spirit of Hardcore (where death is permanent, no matter the circumstances)."

Blizzard has wanted to exempt Hardcore characters for some time, but only now has the tools to do so. Bad luck, babies. And these baby shenanigans affect adult players too, Blizzard says.

"Not only is this an abuse of the services we provide to the community, but it also impacts other players who have submitted legitimate inquiries by increasing wait times across the board."

Patch 1.0.7 launches today with great gobs of changes, including a new 'Brawling' duel system, new recipes, Monster Power changes, balance tweaks, and loads more. Until the final patch notes hit, check out the old test realm notes.