Diablo 3 duelling detailed in patch 1.0.7 overview

That Becky Jenkins thinks she's so good at Diablo 3, swanning about in her "vintage" set of Tal Rasha's Wrappings like she owns New Tristram. Oh, you'll show her. You'll show her good--once Blizzard lets you. Though the action-RPG's PvP team deathmatch arenas are delayed indefinitely, PvP duels are coming in patch 1.0.7. Blizzard has dropped details on how that'll work, along with heaps of changes, in a patch overview for the curious.

You can't go running around picking fights willy-nilly, no no no, it's all very civilized. Players will need to have a chat with Nek the Brawler in New Tristram's inn, who'll take their party to the Scorched Chapel. This new zone has four different landscapes for your dueling delight: church; graveyard; river; and lake. It supports free-for-all brawls for 2-4 players. Losers don't suffer item durability loss, and hardcore players can fight safely too, as death is more a knockout there.

The patch preview details heaps of other new additions and changes, including Wizard and Monk balance tweaks, new rare crafting recipes for account-bound goods, new gems, Monster Power changes, and setting the resurrection timer to a steady 5 seconds in softcore difficulty.

Patch 1.0.7 will hit the public test server "very soon," Blizzard says. Watch your back, Becky.