Ubisoft enters digital distribution arena with Uplay PC

Origin, Steam, and GameFly just got some more competition. Ubisoft is also throwing its hat into the digital distribution arena with Uplay PC.

Uplay PC is an extension of the French publisher's cross-game rewards system. Beginning with Assassin's Creed 2 in 2009, many Ubisoft games have allowed gamers to log into a persistent Uplay ID to unlock additional rewards in-game. The service has since expanded to Facebook and free-to-play games.

Uplay has already amassed 35 million members across various games and platforms. With the launch of Uplay PC, the company is replacing individual game launchers, and will let gamers access all their Uplay-enabled PC games from one place. In addition, the new launcher will include a digital distribution service that allows the direct purchase and download of PC games.

To celebrate the launch of the new service, Uplay PC is running a sale. Hawx 2, From Dust, Silent Hunter 5, and Driver San Francisco will all be available for $1 each, with each title rotated on a daily basis. Other games in Ubisoft's catalog will be discounted up to 75%.

When EA launched Origin, many of the publisher's titles ended up getting pulled from Steam. It appears that Ubisoft's library has remained intact (for now). Shacknews has contacted Ubisoft to see if it intends on expanding the catalog to third-party games, much like EA has with Origin. The publisher responded by saying "as of right now, nothing has been announced."