QuakeCon keynote tidbits: Doom 4 in 'Bethesda mode'

John Carmack's keynote is always one of the highlights at QuakeCon. While much of what he says goes above and beyond the comprehension of the average Joe, this year's three-plus hour presentation by the id Software guru offered some interesting tidbits beyond his apology for the state of Rage for the PC at release, and his disinterest in the Windows 8 OS. Perhaps the most interesting revelation was the odd status of Doom 4.

Carmack said that people have been asking a lot about the game but he just can't talk about it. "Doom 4 is being done in 'Bethesda mode' where we're still not talking about it. It's done when it's done and we don't want people reading more into it than they should."

Other notes:

  • Carmack thinks the new Ouya console is a "longshot." He said it is possible it can succeed, but he feels it's nicer to program for Linux than to do it for Android. "It's neat that they want to cater to indie developers, but I don't think that's something a business can run on."

  • He said that he and the team cannot answer any questions about the next generation of consoles. "We are bound by NDAs and stuff. We just can't talk about it."

  • id software has stopped its mobile development. "The Bethesda family is all about swinging for the fences," he said, and mobile no longer fits in the company's plans. "I do regret not being able to work on mobile projects more."

  • Mac is still a viable platform for id and he suspects it could be more important down the road because of OS changes that will help the company as a whole. He also said Linux has become much more of a factor with Valve announcing Steam for Linux.

Carmack also talked a lot his work with virtual reality and trying to come up with a headset that could take VR to a level where it would be viable for games. He said he ran into numerous obstacles until he saw what Palmer Luckey was working on. Carmack was so impressed he started to optimize Doom 3 BFG for the VR display. Luckey launched a Kickstarter for the development of the Oculus Rift goggles two days ago, and the project has already gathered more than four times the initial $250,000 sought. We will get a demonstration of the VR display later today, so stay tuned for our report.