Battlefield 3 Premium launches today at $50

As suspected, Battlefield 3's optional Premium service has launched today at the price of $49.99. Your 50 bones get you early access to all five DLC expansions, which'd otherwise cost $15 each, along with other perks. Today also brings the first of those, Close Quarters, though initially only to PlayStation 3.

The five expansions pack 20 maps, 20 weapons, 10 vehicles, and four modes in all, plus Premium includes priority access to servers, and other bits and pieces too. Check out last week's story for more on what you get.

Close Quarters is will hit Pc and Xbox 360 for Premium members on June 19. For non-Premium members, it's hitting PS3 on June 12 then elsewhere June 26. Confusing? Two tiers of exclusivity will do that for you.

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