Diablo 3 patch coming next week

Much like the massive monsters in its games, Blizzard has created a monster of its own with the flawed release of Diablo III. From server issues to reports of account hacking to unannounced hotfixes, the company has been in scramble mode to get everything fixed.

Now, Blizzard plans a patch next week to fix client issues and additional bugs. In a post on the official forums, community manager Nethaera said additional server maintenance is also planned to ensure long term game stability. No patch details were given. The loss of achievements by certain players soon after launch is still being investigated, the post said.

Because of the problems, the already delayed launch of the real-money auction house has been put off indefinitely.

Aside from the initial access issues, I've had little trouble with the game and continue to play through Nightmare level, just now entering Act III. Check out our Diablo III review, as well as the escapades of my Monk through the normal game.