Diablo 3 hotfixes finally detailed

Despite its extensive development time, Diablo 3 continues to get patched days after launch. Blizzard hasn't detailed many of the changes, with fans discovering to their surprise that certain skills are gone or nerfed. Well, the changes aren't secret any more.

Blizzard offered a complete list of changes and fixes that it had implemented as far back as three days after launch. Be advised that there are spoilers in the fixes if you have not completed the game yet.

Among the changes were the already mentioned tweaks to the monk's rune Boon of Protection, the Wizard's Force Armor and the Demon Hunter's Smoke Screen. Also, the game crashing bug of giving a shield to your Templar follower if you were a Demon Hunter was fixed on May 18. And most importantly, the notes say that "over 30 game and service crashes affecting players" have been resolved.

Luckily, I had not experienced any of the crash issues, but I'm not too happy about changes made to the monk since I am playing one. But hotfixes or not, the game continues to be a lot of fun.