Battlefield 3 deploying huge patch

A massive patch is coming to Battlefield 3 with more multiplayer fixes, changes and balance tweaks than you can shake a stick at. There's no word on quite when it's coming, but it's nice to see developer DICE is tackling so many issues.

An incomplete, yet already gigantic, changelog gives the rundown of changes from increased spawn protection and tweaked spawn zones to reduced RPK-74M recoil and stopping the MAV from carrying players. Tweaks aplenty!

"Note that this is still not a full update list and there will be more information on this as we go forward. Also please remember that the content in this list might be changed but of course, we will also keep you in the loop about this," said DICE community manager Daniel Matros.

He added, "While there still is no ETA on the patch, we're still working on improving online gameplay for all of our dear community members. So far, this list is for all three platforms."