Some Star Wars: The Old Republic servers reaching max capacity

Star Wars: The Old Republic is already inching towards maximum capacity on some servers. This has prompted BioWare to warn users to create characters on different servers, unless they don't mind waiting in a long queue line to play.

"We want incoming players to populate lower population servers," community manager Stephen Reid pleaded.


"We're monitoring all of our servers around the clock, and we're raising server population caps where required," Reid wrote on the game's forums (via Eurogamer). "However, to ensure our long-term goals of server stability and healthy populations, we do not want to raise population caps too rapidly... At the same time, higher population servers will not be 'locked' because we want to allow people to join a server to play with their friends if they wish to."

Reid lists the servers that are likely to have long wait times, so users can gauge if they want to risk the queue or find a less populated server. These include the US West Coast servers Harbinger (PvE) and Swiftsure (PvP), and the US East Coast Fatman (PvP). European servers include Bloodworthy (PvP), Frostclaw (PvE), Legions of Lettow (PvP), Red Eclipse (PvE), Tomb of Freedom Nadd (PvP), Darth Revan's Mask (PvP), Darth Treya (PvP), Jar'Kai Sword (PvP), and Hrakert Rift (PvP).

Reid also says that solutions are in the works, including character transfers if you want to escape a highly populated server, but "there is no ETA on when it will be available." In the meantime, some users have complained of being disconnected due to internet issues and losing their place in the queue, and Reid says fixing that is a "high priority" for the server team.